Report Submission & Liability Relief

DAC6 Consulting

Your requirements

Our DAC6 Report Submission & Liability Relief service is designed for our Clients who want DAC6 consulting and complete relief from DAC6.

You and your team have neither the time nor the inclination to learn DAC6 and its various Hallmarks, but are aware that the directive may well be applicable to you and your operations. You are looking for an expert consultant who can reliably assess whether a specific transaction is in scope of DAC6 and whether you qualify as an Intermediary and thus have a reporting duty. Further, you want a partner to assume the reporting preparation, submission and even the liability on your behalf, so you and your team can remain focused on your core business with total peace of mind.

Our solution

Before you execute any prospective transaction, you compile and send to us the information relevant to the transaction in question using BlueBridge’s user-friendly In-take Form 3. We will analyse the transaction and your role in it to determine whether the transaction qualifies as a Reportable Arrangement and whether you qualify as a DAC6 Reporting Intermediary. If we conclude that you have a reporting obligation with respect to a Reportable Arrangement, we prepare and submit the report under our own name. Upon submission, we send you a confirmation email with the unique report number for your audit file. With this number, you are relieved from any further responsibility to report and, most critically, from any liability resulting from the reporting defects (the latter is dependent on the provision of complete and accurate information).

How it works

Report production scheme

Key Features

1. Pre-transaction, you share relevant transaction information with us via In-take Form 3
2. BlueBridge evaluates the reportability of a transaction
3. BlueBridge prepares the Reportable Information in the applicable XML format
4. BlueBridge submits the report under our own name
5. BlueBridge sends you a confirmation email with the unique reporting number, thereby relieving you from liability for any reporting defects

Key benefits

Analytical expertise

The tax consultants at BlueBridge count amongst the foremost experts on DAC6 and related fields, conducting analyses, publishing articles and making presentations on the intermediary disclosure regime since 2018.

Integrated solution

BlueBridge combines the tax technical skills and the operational expertise needed to cope with every step, demand and nuance of the DAC6 reporting regime.

Operational reliability

BlueBridge promises precision and reliability throughout all stages of reporting, further enhanced by our singular dedication to DAC6 reporting services and nothing else.

Peace of mind

BlueBridge assumes your DAC6 disclosure burden in full so that you can focus your team’s resources on core business matters with complete peace of mind.

Offering complete freedom from DAC6

Number one
Report Production
Number two
Reportability Analysis
Number three
Report Submission and Liability Relief
Number one
EUR 100.00
Number two
EUR 400.00
Number three
Report Submission and
Liability Relief
EUR 750.00
XML template conversion Yes Yes Yes
Reportability analysis No Yes Yes
Reportable data preparation No Yes Yes
Report submission No No Yes
Liability relief No No Yes