DAC6 Webinars

DAC6 reporting in Cyprus: our experience

Wednesday 22 September 2021, 2pm - 3pm CET
Presented by Anna Szkudlarek and Paul Millen

Following our series of DAC6 webinars in the spring and summer, which provided technical overviews and concrete examples for affected industries, we at BlueBridge are turning our focus to the practical aspects of DAC6 reporting. Based on our experiences from the DAC6 reporting front in Cyprus and elsewhere, this BlueBridge DAC6 webinar shall provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire DAC6 reporting life cycle in Cyprus, from initial registration to coping with any post-submission error messages. In particular, we will guide you through:

  • The Ariadni Portal registration procedures for DAC6
  • Preparation of reportable information
  • A real case example of an XML with reportable data
  • The operational steps to DAC6 report submission
  • The consequences of submission errors
  • The DAC6 report submission deadlines and penalties

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