BlueBridge’s DAC6 webinars

We have exciting webinars coming up throughout 2020 and 2021. Please read on to learn more, and register through the form below.

DAC6 in Cyprus

16th December 2020, 2pm - 3pm CET

Presented by Paul Millen and Anna Szkudlarek.

In our second DAC6 webinar series, we will discuss -

  • The Cyprus DAC6 law and the accompanying guidance notes issued by the Cyprus Tax Department
  • The treatment of prominent industries in the Cypriot financial center
  • The methods by which the Cyprus authorities will limit the scope of Reportable Cross-Border Arrangements
  • The key differences in certain standards and interpretations between Cyprus and other EU member states

This webinar would be great for people with operations in Cyprus.

The Specific Impacts of DAC6 on Fiduciaries

21st January 2021, 2pm - 3pm CET

Presented by Paul Millen and Anna Szkudlarek.

In the third DAC6 webinar series, we’ll take a look at -

  • The direct and indirect impacts of the DAC6 directive and local rules on the fiduciary industry
  • The DAC6 Hallmarks most likely to ensnare fiduciaries and how
  • Pitfalls for fiduciaries in the DAC6 landscape, such as the Main Benefit Test and Legal Professional Privilege exemption from reporting
  • Advice for fiduciaries on how best to prepare themselves and their clients for DAC6 compliance demands

This webinar would be great for EU based fiduciaries or worldwide fiduciaries with clients in the EU.

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