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Report Submission and Liability Relief

Price: EUR 750.00

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While we charge a single base fee per report for the BlueBridge Report Production Service, the cost for the BlueBridge DAC6 Reportability Analysis Service or the BlueBridge DAC6 Report Submission & Liability Relief Service may vary in certain circumstances. As DAC6 analyses and reporting preparations can range from quite simple to extremely complex, we price our services according to the demands of the particular work. As such, for these two BlueBridge Services, we charge a base fee that will cover the majority of the reports we prepare and/or submit, but not all of them. Accordingly, we will promptly assess each specific situation at the onset of the engagement in order to determine whether and how much additional work will be required. In special cases, we will alert you as to the additional hourly fees. At that point, you may opt to move forward or discontinue the engagement.